Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scavenging Success! (and a farewell to a legendary family icon)

At some point, amidst the hustle and bustle of moving into a new apartment, a sad realization came over me. I became aware that one beloved piece of furniture had seen it's day and would not be settling into our new home. This was not due to lack of love, but simply because it could not endure the six block move.
This worn out Ikea dresser, constructed of plastic and pressboard, was almost as old as me. The victim of a military family, it had been moved around the world more than once and had seen more of the United States than many people I know. The victim of raising three teenage girls, it had sustained considerable abuse, as its drawers had been overstuffed on too many occasions.
While my husband helped me provide a proper funeral procession for my beloved, broken down, Ikea dresser, we stumbled upon a treasure. Some careless person had thrown out an entire collection of out dated science texts! As a crafter-scavenger-scientist, I could not believe that someone would simply discard such a stash of usable and inspiring material.

Watch for these volumes of scientific knowledge as they take new shape in the Sly Raccoon Shop.
Now, if only someone would come along who feels such love for my poor Ikea dresser.

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