Friday, April 30, 2010

Creation and Destruction

Each morning for the past couple of weeks, I've been awakened by the sounds of steel scraping steel, of rubble being created from the remnants of a building deemed unusable.  Next door to my apartment building there once stood a school, and now there is what looks to be a meteor crash-site. 

The obsession I have for creating with my hands, the magic of assembling something awesome from scratch, is equalled by my obsession with destruction and the somewhat dark beauty to be found in demolishing something once useful. 

Any time I happen to pass by a building being turned into ruins, I cannot help but stop and revel in the curious beauty of it all.  I've maintained an extensive collection of demolition photographs over the years depicting the inevitable changes that come with time, and now I add the old East Junior High School to my collection. While I am sad to watch the old school meet its demise, I am also enthralled and inspired by the process. 

In celebration of the offbeat beauty of demolition, here is a collection of Etsy finds...Enjoy!

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