Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alaskan Adventure!

In my lengthy hiatus from blogging, I had the awesome opportunity to spend some time in Alaska, my husband's distant homeland.  Having never visited Alaska, there were many, many things for me to see and experience in my short stay.  We played on beaches and hiked in the woods.  We ate and ate and ate a great deal of tasty things, and we toured local breweries.  Aside from touring the Anchorage area, I had the privelege of hanging out with my husband's family and friends, which was a wonderful treat!

In honor of the Alaskan awesomeness I got to experience, here is a collection of Alaskan Etsians...check them out!

1.  AlaskaFirefly    2.  jeashoots
3.  KiwaArts    4.  AnniePants

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