Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Raccoon Meets Possum

I've always been interested in leading a simple, more back-to-basics life.  This may be mostly because I'm in love with the idea of being self-reliant and not having to rely on the present day nine-to-five.

Even when I was living in a busy downtown city street apartment, I did all I could to work as little as possible at a traditional job; I saved on gas by riding my bike everywhere I went, I made nearly all of my food from scratch, most of my clothing and possessions were thrift store finds.

Last year, I read this post on the Etsy blog:  How to Live Well Without a Job and With (Almost) No Money:  Possum Living.  I was intrigued and inspired by the article, which discussed a young woman, Dolly Freed, and the book she wrote all about independent and frugal living.  A few months after reading this Etsy article, I quit my office job to work part time and spend more time with The Sly Raccoon.

It wasn't until this summer, though, that I actually picked up a copy of Freed's Possum Living.  Justin and I took turns reading it to each other (the kind of thing you do for entertainment without electricity), and we gained a lot of insight and even more inspiration.  If you've ever (even just for half a second) been tempted by a simpler, more independent lifestyle, I highly reccommend that you check this book out.

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