Saturday, September 25, 2010

Supplies Have Arrived!

Upon coming home from work today, I was greeted by a very exciting sight....a package on my doorstep!  I love getting mail of any kind - even junk mail, and packages are way better than junk mail. 

The necktie reserve in my supply stash had been running dangerously low for quite some time, and so I ordered a big batch of ties.  The box was bulging at the seams and, when opened, it released a fun-filled necktie explosion.

Keep your eye out for new necktie creations in The Sly Raccoon Shop, and in the meantime enjoy this collection of upcycled clutches found while wandering through Etsy:

1.  seen1    2.   seaoats
3.   Cultivar    4.  ManilaExtract


  1. I love getting mail too. I even got excited when my textbooks arrived for school this semester. You should give me your address and I'll write to you.

  2. I got really excited when Alex's textbooks came this semester because it meant that we were getting mailed package after package. Nevermind the fact that none of them were for me and none of them were fun...