Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bon Voyage, Little Billfolds!

Hello, Readers!  In my extremely long absence from the Great Blogosphere I've managed to maintain a busy, busy schedule and even achieve a few important goals. 

No longer a citizen of Cubicle City!
For one, I quit my office job!  No more long and drawn-out days of information processing in Cubilcle City for me!  No, sir!  I've given up the old Nine-to-Five and reentered society to wait tables and make milkshakes at a local restaurant.  I know this may sound horrible, but it truly is a dream come true for me.  I now have many more hours to spend with The Sly Raccoon as well as the mental freedom that comes along with being creative for a good portion of each day.

Second goal accomplished:  I set up a usable and functioning workspace.  I had thought this may be impossible - what with my "studio" being contained to a corner of the teeny apartment my husband and I share with our two sixty-five pound dogs.  But with some organization (and a little magic), I now have a functional space in which I can create anything!
New Workspace!

Luz and The Reverend

 Yet another goal to check off as complete:  I shipped out my first wholesale order.  Ten little Billfolds are on their way to the gift shop at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes, California.  Not a huge accomplishment for some, but a lot of fun for me!

Wholesale Order!
Thus, I apologize for my extended absence, but, as you can see, I have been pretty busy....oh!  and don't forget to swing by The Sly Raccoon Shop for all sorts of new goodies.  New messenger bags made from mens' suits as well as new upcycled clutches.  Check them out!

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