Thursday, August 4, 2011

Treehouse Livin'

When I told my friends and family I would be living in a treehouse in the Virginia woods, I could sense they're shock and immense concern for my well being.  In what may be a futile attempt to put my loved ones' minds at ease, I've decided to offer up a little more information on said treehouse.
The house itself is a sturdy, wonderful little home built by Justin's sturdy, graceful hands.  The roof, as well as two of the walls, are constructed from upcycled (awesome!) sliding glass doors.  The remaining two walls are made of heavy screen; one of the walls is raisable - like a roman blind.  We sleep in a loft that we constructed from a heavy duty cargo net, and we do all of our cooking and living down below.
So, this is it!  Our little home in the trees...

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